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Set 4

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Set 4


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Set 4
16033 | Outdoor Fitness
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  • Price5175 €
  • LineOutdoor Fitness
  • Width99 cm
  • Length248 cm
  • Height152 cm
  • Minimum space399x548 cm
  • All prices exclude VAT
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  • Visualization
  • Top view
  • 2D files 16033 2D.dwg
Increasingly common element of parks and playgrounds are external gyms. The presented set is designed for aerobic exercises. Both the stationary bike and treadmill are the basis for every gym. It’s no different when we think about devices for the external gym. Exercises on this set practically don’t wear down the joints. So that you can keep all the advantages of running or ridding, and yet, eliminating down sides resulting from the run. Set 4 helps shape condition and coordination. The combination of two devices allows you to exercise individually or with friends.