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LARS LAJ® | To a Greener Future - Lars Laj Cooperates with Clever


Lars Laj

LARS LAJ® | To a Greener Future - Lars Laj Cooperates with Clever

To a Greener Future - Lars Laj Cooperates with Clever

Caring for the environment has always been one of the core elements of Lars Laj’s work ethics. That’s why we love being a part of the projects which contribute to a better future for our planet.

Green transition by Clever's charging stations

, the leading charging operator in Scandinavia, works on creating a convenient public infrastructure for electric cars. The company aims to accelerate the process of green transition and encourage more people to switch to the sustainable means of transportation (1).

Clever's charging stations designed by Cobe, a renowned Danish architecture firm, feature a modern organic form. The construction is made from natural wood that comes from sustainably managed forests.

The aim of the designers was not only to build a functional charging point for cars but also to create a space where people can have a moment of tranquility and relaxation outdoors. That’s why the stations are surrounded by trees and plants, and equipped with comfortable urban furniture, supplied by i.e. Lars Laj company.

triangulat lounge seat bench by Lars Laj for Clever

We supply Clever with natural, wooden outdoor furniture and playground equipment to provide people with a restorative break while their electric car is charging.

Check our custom made products manufactured specially for Clever:

  • A minimalistic seesaw for 2 and for 4 persons - a moment of fun for both children and grownups.
  • A unique triangular lounge seat - for perfect relaxation or even a short nap.
  • A functional concrete bench with a wooden seat to rest for a minute.
  • Triangular flower pots - the minimalistic and modern plant decorations.

minimalistic wooden seesaw by Lars Laj for Clever charging stations

So far we have installed our products in the new charging stations: in Vejle and in Nørresundby.

The special project for Clever is not the first time Lars Laj company cooperates with architecture ateliers to create a uniquely designed product.

Check other special projects we were proud to be a part of.

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Let's create an eco-playground together

Our planet is demanding more and more care and respect from us - at Lars Laj we think about its future - after all, the most important thing for us is the WELFARE OF CHILDREN!

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wooden playground

Do you need a custom-made playground?

We design and manufacture non-standard play area projects. Contact us!

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We design and manufacture non-standard play area projects. Contact us!


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Playground accessibility for all children, including children with disabilities, is a key aspect that should be considered when planning and implementing such spaces. Creating inclusive spaces promotes the development of social skills and ensures equal access to play. Here are some key points to look out for to ensure maximum playground accessibility.

The playground is an environment that is an important element in the process of children's emotional and social development. This is where toddlers learn to cooperate and communicate, deal with emotions, establish relationships, and develop creativity and independence. When designing a playground, it is necessary to take into account the various factors that can affect this complex development process.   

Education through interactionThemed playgrounds are designed with different professions in mind, offering children early exposure to a variety of life fields.


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