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LARS LAJ® | Picnic with Lars Laj

Picnic with Lars Laj

The beautiful weather outside inspires us to make plans for spending free time in nature.

Lars Laj offers a wide range of picnic and garden shelters. Constructions made of acacia and larch wood are extremely durable and resistant to the passage of time and weather conditions. Today we will take a closer look at the inspiration for developing a city park. 

Thanks to the high quality of workmanship and dimensions (the largest available shelter is almost 8 m long) these products are ideal for urban park projects, dog runs, health paths or recreation centers. In the project we have placed a hexagonal shelter, which can easily accommodate a few benches and a barbecue place.

And under the shelter...

A table or a bench with stools? Single benches or a whole set of seats? No matter what you are looking for for your project, you will find it in Lars Laj's offer! 

1. Table Nature with chair and stools  2. Robinia bench 3. Firepit seating


The surroundings of a forest, city park or square inspire you to choose playground equipment and street furniture made of wood. This choice adds not only aesthetic value, but also allows us to breathe an ecological spirit into our project.

The wooden play table by Lars Laj is the perfect addition to a nature playground. In our offer it comes in two sizes - with a diameter of 60 cm and 80 cm. The whole table is made of acacia wood. The table can be used by up to 6 children at a time.

Do not forget to adjust your project to the surrounding nature!

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Let's create an eco-playground together

Our planet is demanding more and more care and respect from us - at Lars Laj we think about its future - after all, the most important thing for us is the WELFARE OF CHILDREN!

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Do you need a custom-made playground?

We design and manufacture non-standard play area projects. Contact us!

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We design and manufacture non-standard play area projects. Contact us!


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Why should we install an obstacle course on the playground?

Our urban environment has a significant impact on our well-being and creativity. That is why it is so important what kind of playground our children play in, or how the space around public facilities such as a school, library or municipal cultural center is arranged.

Potential buyers consider several factors before they decide to purchase their dreamed estate but undoubtedly one of the pros is proper infrastructure, including the proximity of an outdoor fitness area for adults and a playground for children. 


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