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Ball catcher

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Ball catcher


Miniaturka Ball catcher (2)Miniaturka Ball catcher (3)Miniaturka Ball catcher (4)Miniaturka Ball catcher (5)Miniaturka Ball catcher (6)Miniaturka Ball catcher (7)

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Ball catcher
17146 | Street Sport
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  • Price3020 €
  • LineStreet Sport
  • Width115 cm
  • Length115 cm
  • Height230 cm
  • All prices exclude VAT
Base material
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  • Front view
  • Top view
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Nowadays playground equipment must be at least as multifunctional, in terms of fun, as is a Swiss army knife. Ball Catcher by Lars Laj is another in a series of "Olympic village" devices for sports training. The most important part of the exercises in this unit is hitting the target by throw or kick. Openings for constituting targets are located on a number of levels and each side of the Ball Catcher. Hand-eye and eye-foot coordination, you can develop both individually and in a group. Although it is a device designed for football training, the amount of options available make no one will get bored using the Ball Catcher.