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10690 | Outdoor Fitness
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  • Price550 €
  • LineOutdoor Fitness
  • Width198 cm
  • Length547 cm
  • Height36 cm
  • Critical falling height28 cm
  • Safety zone 1000x500 cm
  • All prices exclude VAT
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  • Front view
  • Top view
  • Installation manual
  • 2D files 10690 2D.dwg
  • 3D files 10690 3D.dwg

One of the functions of "obstacle course" by Lars Laj playgrounds, is practicing of coordination. Such exercises can be carried out following the example of the movies - balancing on a beam suspended from the roof of a high building - although it is a bit dangerous. Hence Lars Laj is happy to introduce alternative external sports facilities that allow physical activity outdoors, keeping balance at a safe distance above the ground. Made of impregnated larch wood, balance device is an investment for years. On the one hand, very durable and resistant to weather conditions, the other often used by adults and by children, enjoys a unique popularity.