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LARS LAJ® | Which Playgrounds to Choose for Housing Developments

Which Playgrounds to Choose for Housing Developments

Potential buyers consider several factors before they decide to purchase their dreamed estate but undoubtedly one of the pros is proper infrastructure, including the proximity of an outdoor fitness area for adults and a playground for children. 

That’s why the inspiring and multifunctional recreational area at newly built developments increases property attractiveness, not only in the eyes of the youngest residents but also their parents. A playground in the vicinity of the property is definitely an additional reason to buy an estate for families with children and newly-married couples.


So how should we design a playground at a newly built residential estate to increase its attractiveness for future residents?


First of all, let’s choose the right play equipment that will provide everything that children need to play and have fun outdoors:

  • multifunctional play unit including slides, climbing walls, ladders and sheltered playhouses,
  • items made from durable materials,
  • products that combine functionality and aesthetic design.

multifunctional outdoor playground set 

Limited space is not a problem…

Even if there’s no huge space provided for a children's play area, we can still match the right compact and multifunctional play equipment which will fit and at the same time meet the needs of our little playground users. Among our proposals for mini playgrounds are a wooden hut, a playhouse with a slide/ or with a sandbox, educational boards or spring rockers

 mini playground for residential areas

If you need any help with choosing the right products, please contact us!


Rooftop playgrounds

We can install our play equipment on the rooftops too! This is an usual but functional solution that provides a variety of design options. Please contact us for more information which of our products are suitable for installation on the rooftop.  


Classics and modernity 

Aesthetics is one of the determinants of good design. Wooden playgrounds with minimalistic dark elements or subtle pastel colors perfectly correspond with contemporary modern buildings.


classic playground made of larch wood for residential areas

However, if you’d like to create a more natural atmosphere, we offer a line of rustic robinia playground units.

natural playground for residential area 

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Let's create an eco-playground together

Our planet is demanding more and more care and respect from us - at Lars Laj we think about its future - after all, the most important thing for us is the WELFARE OF CHILDREN!

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wooden playground

Do you need a custom-made playground?

We design and manufacture non-standard play area projects. Contact us!

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design lab
two little boys
two little girls

We design and manufacture non-standard play area projects. Contact us!


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In today's world, where natural spaces are overwhelmed by urban reality, the concept of playgrounds harmoniously integrated into forest environments is not only trendy but also positively impacts children's connection with nature. Playgrounds in the forest are indeed crucial for the health and physical development of the youngest.

All you need to bring a smile to the youngest is a touch of imagination. Our Lars Laj playgrounds are always a perfect place to have fun. But on this one night, they become a magical place, hiding various secrets.

A dog park is a perfect place for owners to bring their fur friends to enjoy time outside. In places like these, you can find specially designed equipment for agility, where dogs can play and train. Lars Laj offers dog agility equipment, that is made of the highest quality materials.


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