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LARS LAJ® | How to design a safe playground for kindergarten?


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LARS LAJ® | How to design a safe playground for kindergarten?

How to design a safe playground for kindergarten?

An important element of every kindergarten is a playground where children can spend time outside, not only playing, but also resting and engaging in creative activities. Among our playground equipment for kindergartens, you will find many options that every child will love. Our products are certified by TÜV for compliance with the EN 1176 standard to ensure maximum safety for children. They are also made of high-quality materials, guaranteeing years of service. Furthermore, Lars Laj company holds ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certificates.

Sandpit play

A sandpit is a place where children can unleash their imagination and creativity by building countless structures. Through constructing beautiful sand buildings, children develop their motor skills, enhance precision and coordination in their movements.

However, a sandpit is not just a space for developing motor skills; it also provides an excellent environment for sensory development. Children have the opportunity to explore and discover different textures associated with sand.

Moreover, playing in a sandpit is beneficial for social interaction and building relationships with peers. Children learn to cooperate by sharing tools and ideas while enjoying playtime together. Cooking in the "sand kitchen," digging tunnels, or building sandcastles becomes even more exciting when done with friends.

Additionally, our sandpit table offers the option of incorporating water, opening up another dimension of creative play for children.

A sandbox is a functional solution for a preschool playground.

 The Lars Laj table is perfect for playing with sand and water.

Products: sandpit (10860) ; sand & water play table (10733)

Relax on a swing or hammock

After an exciting playtime on our equipment, it's worth to allow yourself a moment of relaxation. And what better way to unwind outdoors than in a hammock or on a large swing like our best-selling bird's nest swing!
Our hammocks are an excellent solution that allows children to calm down and rest after activities on the playground. Little ones can lounge around, read their favorite book, listen to music, or simply enjoy the beautiful weather outdoors.

The bird's nest swing is a true delight for every enthusiast of swinging. Made of durable materials, it provides a safe and comfortable space for play and relaxation.

 A hammock and a bird's nest swing are excellent additions to a preschool playground.Preschoolers can relax on our bestselling products: the hammock and the bird's nest swing.

Products: bns swing (11103) ; hammock (13027)

Chimpanzee wooden playhouse

A Chimpanzee playhouse is a place that is a true paradise for every child who loves climbing and exploring. It is a play structure that offers countless possibilities and fulfills a child's dreams of adventure. Wooden ladders, metal structures, ropes - you can find it all in our Chimpanzee playhouse.

Each ladder in the Chimpanzee playhouse has been carefully designed to provide safety and fun. The entire climbing set is made of durable materials that can withstand countless jumps, climbs, and playtime. The construction is sturdy and stable, allowing children to feel confident as they conquer new heights.

A wooden obstacle course is a great addition to a preschool playground.On the chimpanzee playhouse, children can climb and play together.

Products: chimpanzee wooden playhouse (10610)

Obstacle course for older kids

Our obstacle courses are a perfect equipment for exercising physical and balance skills. Designed to provide challenges and excitement, they offer not only entertainment but also numerous health benefits.
Overcoming each obstacle requires strength, endurance, and coordination, which positively impact overall physical fitness. Climbing nets, bridges, balance beams, and jumping stairs will be the perfect challenge for every child. Moreover, children can compete with each other on the obstacle course and see who can complete it first!

Wooden obstacle courses for children are a fantastic option.

Products: course (10643); obstacle course (10654)

Equipment ideal for children of all ages

Our unique Forest Bridge consists of two zones specifically designed for two different age groups.

The first zone is perfect for younger children (1+). It is tailored to their needs and abilities, providing a safe place to play. Toddlers can slide down from an appropriate height slide and climb up a low-level climbing wall.

The zone for older children (3+) is placed slightly higher. It features a taller slide, a ladder for climbing, and a rope suspension bridge.

The concept of two zones in our device aims to adapt the play experience to different age groups, allowing each child to find the right level of challenge and opportunities to develop their skills. Additionally, it provides the opportunity for siblings and friends of different ages to engage in play together.

The Forest Bridge is ideal for children of all ages.

Products: forest bridge (11469)

Little musician

In addition to the fun and relaxation on our devices, children can let their creative imagination soar with our musical instruments: xylophone and tube bells. Children can play and create their own melodies and rhythms, stimulating their imagination and developing their musical abilities.


Bells and xylophone are great devices for little musicians.Children can create their own musical compositions.

Products: xylophone (11295) ; tube bells (11296)

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Let's create an eco-playground together

Our planet is demanding more and more care and respect from us - at Lars Laj we think about its future - after all, the most important thing for us is the WELFARE OF CHILDREN!

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Playground accessibility for all children, including children with disabilities, is a key aspect that should be considered when planning and implementing such spaces. Creating inclusive spaces promotes the development of social skills and ensures equal access to play. Here are some key points to look out for to ensure maximum playground accessibility.

The playground is an environment that is an important element in the process of children's emotional and social development. This is where toddlers learn to cooperate and communicate, deal with emotions, establish relationships, and develop creativity and independence. When designing a playground, it is necessary to take into account the various factors that can affect this complex development process.   

Education through interactionThemed playgrounds are designed with different professions in mind, offering children early exposure to a variety of life fields.


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