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A New Majestic Ship Sailed!

Just before summer holidays, the new Lars Laj playground has been opened with Majestic as its main star. Children from the local kindergarten had a chance to be the first to test the newly opened playground.

Lars Laj Majestic

Majestic is a fully-equipped wooden playground. It consists of almost all play items that constitute a perfect place for children to have fun outdoors: climbing equipment, sandbox, and slides. Children can feel on Majestic like on a real ship: they can access the playground by wooden ladders, ramps, climbing walls or ropes, walk through the connecting bridges or a tunnel, or use a net, the ropes or rope ladders to move along the wooden ship. The straight and spiral slides are another attraction and a fun way to abandon ship. Majestic’s ship-like shape, decorative panels, flags, and portholes make it also an outstanding element of the architectural landscape. We wish children to have a lot of fun on our playground!

Lars Laj Majestic

Lars Laj Majestic