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17144 | Street Sport
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  • Price2250 €
  • LineStreet Sport
  • Width100 cm
  • Length402 cm
  • Height100 cm
  • All prices exclude VAT
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  • Isometric view
  • 2D files 17144_2D.dwg

Each element practiced on the playgrounds, can pay off in the PE or even start sports career. Today's sports stars began very early. "Olympic Village" by Lars Laj playgrounds proudly presents another device for practicing precision and quality in the game of football. Football Ramp is a device for sports training, who - literally raises the level. Ramp poses additional difficulties, overcoming which is a big challenge. Football Ramp by Lars Laj significantly improves the precision of the shot, but also - more importantly - is a great device to have fun. Two reasons why this device should be included in each "Olympic Village": this is the element for fun and exercise tricks, on the other hand it allows the professional preparation for the game of football.