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Easy Balancer

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Easy Balancer


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Easy Balancer
10681 | Outdoor Fitness
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  • Price670 €
  • LineOutdoor Fitness
  • Width260 cm
  • Length390 cm
  • Height50 cm
  • Critical falling height72 cm
  • Safety zone 560x690 cm
  • All prices exclude VAT
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  • Isometric view
  • Front view
  • Top view
  • Installation manual
  • 2D files 10681_2D.dwg
  • 3D files 10681_3D.dwg

A method becoming increasingly popular, when practicing outdoor sports is called. Military fitness training. It is a project requiring transfer of fitness exercises, which are subjected to army, to the fitness room, etc. "Obstacle course" by Lars Laj playgrounds adapting its offer to the needs of customers conduct a military form of exercise a step further, to the playground, outdoors. The very fact of open space and outdoor activity is a big advantage of this idea. An additional value is the device, such as Easy Balancer, enabling practice motor coordination and maintain balance. Efficiency and health at your fingertips.