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Aim Practice I

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Aim Practice I


Miniaturka Aim Practice I (2)Miniaturka Aim Practice I (3)Miniaturka Aim Practice I (4)Miniaturka Aim Practice I (5)Miniaturka Aim Practice I (6)Miniaturka Aim Practice I (7)

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Aim Practice I
17141 | Street Sport
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  • Price410 €
  • LineStreet Sport
  • Width3 cm
  • Length110 cm
  • Height125 cm
  • All prices exclude VAT
Base material
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  • Isometric view
  • Front view
  • Top view
  • 2D files 17141_2D.dwg
  • 3D files 17141_3D.dwg

The joy and excitement coming over people during the World Cup, even if they aren't football fans every day , make it the most popular sport in the world. Children and young people eager to learn the game of football, dreaming of the big tournaments, big stadiums, big players, with whom they'll compete in the future. Sports training involves not only physical activity in the fresh air, but also science and precision of kicking the ball. Lars Laj playground manufacturer, presents a device for training accuracy of shots without which "Olympic Village" is not the same.